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Patricia Collins

Patricia Collins

Patricia has been copyediting since 2005. She specializes in newsletters, company reports, academic reports, and both fiction and nonfiction.

She’s been beta reading since 2012. Her wheelhouse is contemporary Young Adult, but she reads widely within the genre. As a beta reader, she prides herself on giving honest reader reactions.

Patricia has an Associate of Arts from Cottey College, a B.A. in History from UMass Amherst, and a Master’s in Education from Portland State University.

She also has a certificate from UC San Diego Extention’s program in copyediting.

She reads more than 100 books a year and also watches a lot of movies which she reviews in three sentences at

Here’s a lo-fi video introduction.

(And now all those spammy service who say I must have video on my site can go bug someone else!)

Patricia Collins Introduction

Copy editor? Copyeditor? Copy editing? Copyediting?

While you could call me a copy editor and I wouldn’t correct you, I’ve chosen to refer to myself as a copyeditor and what I do as copyediting.

I’m a fan of open compounds becoming closed (I’m still waiting on lightbulb; is anyone with me?) and I tend to push them whenever I can.


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