Keen Eye Copyediting for Novels

You’ve finished revising your novel. You’ve conquered plot holes, tightened your saggy middle, filled out your cardboard characters. Your critique group, developmental editor, and/or writing mentors agree that your novel is done. You’ve incorporated a variety of feedback and will not be changing anything major about your story. If you have reached this stage, Keen Eye Copyediting for Novels is for you!

After a Keen Eye copyedit, you can feel confident that readers won’t be distracted by that typo on page eighty-three, or that hair color change in chapter five. Instead, they will be able to sink into your story.

As your copyeditor, I will go through the words you’ve written with a fine-toothed comb. I’m going to examine every comma and think about what each word in every sentence is doing.

But your novel is more than words and sentences. I will also keep my Keen Eye on the details of your story. I use my style sheet to track character traits, time line, world building, and point of view.

When I’ve copyedited your novel, it will be returned to you with a boatload of tracked changes. There will be a style sheet cataloging the dozens of style choices I’ve made. And I’ll send an editorial letter outlining three things I enjoyed about your novel, and three things I noticed while copyediting.

Keen Eye Copyediting includes:

  • A complementary sample copyedit.
  • A getting started consultation where I answer your questions, learn about your novel, and we talk about what kind of copyediting you need.
  • A full copyedit of your novel, including three passes.
  • Grammar errors found, fixed and notated using track changes.
  • In-text comments containing queries and questions.
  • A style sheet that tracks decisions made, character traits, time line, any world building, and point of view.
  • A wrap-up consultation to answer any questions and help you plan your next steps.

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How Much Does Copyediting Cost?

It depends on your novel. That’s why copyeditors always start with a sample edit.

Once I’ve evaluated your novel, I will give you a quote that accurately reflects the cost.

The Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) has a list of median rates for copyediting. While there’s no guarantee what your manuscript would cost to copyedit, here are a few ranges for copyediting fiction based on word count using the EFA’s median rate per word for fiction copyediting ($.02–$.029).

Your copyediting quote may be less than the range below if you are on top of grammar and have very few errors. It may be more if there are a lot of small fixes and many details to track.


Copyediting Is Not Proofreading

There are a lot of authors looking for proofreading services when they really need copyediting. Here’s the difference:

Are You Ready for a Keen Eye Copyedit?

You are ready if:

  • You are done revising your novel.
  • You want to ensure your future readers don’t get distracted by errors.
  • You prepared to take on the many tracked changes and comments that will come your way.

If you answered yes to the above questions, email or schedule a complementary phone call today.

Not sure if a Keen Eye Copyedit is for you?

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