What I do:

Keen Eye LLC helps businesses ensure that the words they have written are clear, correct, and concise.

What you do:

You own a business. You are busy. You know lots of stuff, but maybe spelling and grammar isn’t your specialty. I can help you in these specific ways:


Are you creating or updating signage?

Are you sure that everything is spelled right, and the punctuation is correct?

  • Have you styled your hours as something like this: Tuesday’s 11-7?
  • Have you used quotation marks to “emphasize” things?

If you answered “yes” to either of the above, you have errors that need to be corrected.

For a flat fee of $10 I will proofread your sign copy in the design stage.


Did you create your website? Can you be sure all the words you used are the correct ones?

Did someone else create your website? Did they employ a copyeditor to make sure your p’s and q’s have been minded?

The good news about websites is that they can be easily fixed.

For $50 I will spend one hour reading your website and making sure your words are correct. After that hour, I will give you a list of changes, and an estimate for how much it would cost to look over the rest of the website.


Do you give your clients paper forms to fill out?

  • Are your forms easy to read and navigate?
  • Can your clients write legibly in the spaces you provided?
  • Is everything spelled right, and is your grammar up to snuff?

For $10 per page, I will edit your forms ensuring they flow and are easy for clients to fill out.

General Business Writing

  • Do you send emails on a regular basis?
  • Does your menu change often?
  • Do you send out a regular newsletter?

I will ensure that your regular communications with your clients are clear, coherent, constant, and correct.

I will edit your business writing for per word. Package deals are available for regular publications.

For all business services:

As I read your writing, I will fix grammar and spelling errors, but I’m also on the lookout for consistency errors and sentences that might cause confusion. When I find an inconsistency, I write a query (which is a fancy term for making a comment) about the issue. For works of more than a few pages, I will also create a style sheet to track decisions.

I use Microsoft Word and track changes; other platforms are available. I default to the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary for style and spelling, though we can discuss the use of other sources.



Website—$50 for one hour of copyediting

General writing—5¢ per word, package deals available

Forms—$10 per page

Let’s Chat

I’d love to talk about your project. I’m happy to answer questions via email, or you can schedule a 30-minute complementary phone call.