What I do:

Keen Eye LLC helps financial bloggers ensure that the words they have written are clear, correct, and concise.

What you do:

You’ve got words to say about personal finance, investing, and money. I help to make sure your message is coming through loud and clear. I can help you in these specific ways:

Financial Bloggers

I edit your blog posts ensuring clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness.

As I read your writing, I will fix grammar and spelling errors, but I’m also on the lookout for constancy errors, sentences that might cause confusion, and I make sure your writing is consistent. When I find an inconsistency, I write a query (which is a fancy term for making a comment) about the issue. For works of more than a few pages, I will also create a style sheet to track decisions.

Aside from grammar, spelling and constancy, I also check that any dates, figures, or references are correct.  My goal is to help you have a stellar blog post that communicates your knowledge accurately.

For all financial bloggers:

I use Microsoft Word and track changes; other platforms are available. I default to the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary for style and spelling, though we can discuss the use of other sources.


Blog posts

  • Blog posts of 500 words or less: $10.00
  • Blog posts of 500–1000 words: $18.00
  • Blog posts of 1000–1500 words: $25.00
  • Blog posts over 1500 words: contact me for information

My rates fall within the Editorial Freelance Association’s recommendations for Basic, Heavy and Website Copyediting

Retainer: if you are a blogger who posts on a regular schedule, contact me for a monthly rate. Discounts given for three-month packages.

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