What I do:

Keen Eye LLC reads pre-published short stories of 10,000 words or fewer and gives feedback.

What you do:

You’ve written a short story. You’ve revised it multiple times, edited it and are ready to see what people who are not your friends or relatives think of it.

Beta Reading Short Stories

As a beta reader I’m giving feedback about my reading experience. Though I am a copyeditor, I will be reading your story with my “leisure eyes,” as if it were in my regular pile of reading.  Does something catch my interest from the first paragraph? Am I captivated by the plot or the characters and want to keep reading? Is the setting something I can visualize?  I’ll make note of this and other good reading things, and give you a document with feedback.

I beta read stories that are polished. They have been through several drafts and are ready for a general audience.


I charge a flat fee of $15.00 for any short story.

You can email me directly: pcc.keen.eye@gmail.com